about meThis is Xinni

Hi, how are you today.

I am probably pretty good today because it is another fresh day for my create new ideas. Isn’t “inspiration” the most delightful thing on earth? It is the first breath when you open the window after a summer rain. It’s the little funny expression  you see on a puppy’s face after she sneezes. It’s the thin but bright stroke dash through a dark night sky then you wonder, “did I just see a shooting star?” I can feel the poke of inspirations every day. They are tinny sneaky spirit dancing in the air. Do you want to see them? Guess what, they want to be seen too. They want to be developed and be bigger and bigger. They are be most important friend for human and I want to help them to be seen.

I was once wanted to become a scientist because every one else in the classroom did. However I found myself much stronger and happier while making art. When a new blank paper were lay in front of me, my mind is limitless.

I am a graphic designer. I graduated with B.A. on Graphic Design at Cal State University East Bay. And I am not very good at describing myself in being a physical existent so for more information of me please click on my Resume. I hope you have fun with my site.  🙂